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Icy Mango by Pachamama SALTS takes a nicotine salts formulation and pairs it with a tasty helping of mango nectar extracted from the finest mangoes picked at the pinnacle of ripeness that truly brings out the aromatic essences.


  • Size - 30ml
  • VG - 50
  • PG - 50

Package Contents

  • 1 x Charlies Pachamama Salts - Icy Mango 25mg
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Product Reviews -
"Tasty, Real Mango Flavour"

This salt is awesome, i have tried a few different mango juices and this one has to be my #1. You can't go wrong and it has an authentic taste that others just can't compete with.

- Will

"Precise mango taste"

I have tried several mango flavour including mango lassi (this is one of the best mango flavour before they messed it up with nicsalt, Idk why though. This is one of the precise mango flavour I can say. You will taste some ripe mango plus some ice. However the ice is not too overpowering. I got bored however after sometimes but I finished the whole bottle by mixing it with other fruity nicsalt.

- Muhammad

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