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Indulge in the irresistible delight of Doozy Sweet Treats - Gummy Bears. This e-liquid delivers a juicy punch of blackcurrant gummies, creating a vaping experience that brings a smile to your face and leaves you wanting more.

With each inhale, your taste buds will be treated to the juicy and vibrant flavour of blackcurrant. The blackcurrant flavour is both sweet and tangy, providing a burst of fruity goodness that awakens your palate.

As you exhale, the essence of gummy bears takes centre stage, adding a delightful chewy texture and enhancing the overall flavour profile. The combination of blackcurrant and gummy bears creates a harmonious blend that replicates the joy of indulging in this classic candy.

Doozy Sweet Treats - Gummy Bears is designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and pure enjoyment. The e-liquid captures the temptation and fun of having a mouthful of gummy bears, making it hard to resist reaching for just one more.

Experience the mouth-watering combination of blackcurrant and gummy bears with Doozy Sweet Treats - Gummy Bears. Let this e-liquid transport you back to your childhood as you savour the delightful flavours and enjoy the playful vaping experience it offers.


  • Size - 60ml
  • VG - 70
  • PG - 30
  • Freebase Nicotine

Package Contents

  • 1 x Doozy Sweet Treats - 60ml - Gummy Bears

Please Note: Please be aware that, as a result of recent regulatory updates in New Zealand, the name & packaging of this product may undergo alterations or will be subject to modification. Click here for more information.

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