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EasyPuff™ Caramel Drop Premium E-Juice offers a rich, silky, and smooth mouthfeel with every puff you take. The sweet undertones will not overpower your palate, but will only leave a gentle aftertaste behind. The e-juice is sweet enough to keep you coming back for more, but not so fierce that it spoils the overall experience.  Caramel is a rich flavour, but it is rather difficult to get right in an e-juice. But, after years of flavour development efforts, EasyPuff™ has finally perfected this deep caramel flavoured e-juice. The first whiff will give you toffee taste, followed by the soft, warm, velvety taste of caramel.

The great thing about a base flavour like caramel is that you can blend it with any other e-juice to create stunning combinations. You also get to choose the intensity of the caramel flavour and the hit of nicotine you want. There are 4 levels for you to choose from. These vary from 0.6% (NBW), which is mostly flavour, to 2.4% (NBW) which will offer you a strong taste of caramel with a powerful nicotine hit.


Nicotine levels.

  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg


50% VG - 50% PG

Package Contents

1 x 30ml Caramel Drop

Please Note: In some circumstances, we sell 0mg nicotine and then add nicotine to your juice at the time of sale. This allows us to provide you with customised nicotine levels, such as 1.5mg etc. In addition, we also find that 0mg juice that sits on the shelf prior to nicotine being added lasts longer and is fresher. So please do not be alarmed if your bottle says 0mg or the seal is broken upon arrival. If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us.

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