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Grape is every fruit lover’s guilty pleasure. EasyPuff™ Fresh Grape E-Juice has perfectly captured the naughty personality and freshness of the vineyard grapes. This flavorful concoction plays with your senses. It tastes sweet, it tastes sour, and it is absolutely refreshing.

EasyPuff™ Fresh Grape E-Juice is a product by a small team of enthusiastic grape fanatics. The skillfully crafted vaping juice is a revelation unto itself. It has multiple tones and undertones that unravel themselves gradually. Every time you vape, you realize that you are tasting a new flavour. Sometimes you will find it sweet, while at others it may taste a little tarty. Then there is the mouthfeel. You will be amazed by how smooth the vapours feel in your mouth. The richness of the liquid works really well with the innate fruitiness of the grape.

This premium grape liquid not only offers a great flavour, but also a mean nicotine hit. So, if you are looking for strong nicotine content you can go for the 2.4% (NBW) version. If you want milder versions, then those are available too. The EasyPuff™ Fresh Grape is an exciting experience that you ought to try. One puff of this e-juice is all it takes to make a lifetime fan out of you.


Nicotine levels.

  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg


50% VG - 50% PG

Package Contents

1 x 30ml Fresh Grape

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Product Reviews -

Burns my throat, subtle grape flavour, doesn't work nicely in my vape (renova zero pod vape)

- Tash

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