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EasyPuff™ Western Red E-Juice has become the gold standard among vapers because of its bold original tobacco taste. The full flavour tobacco cigarettes have finally met their match with EasyPuff™ Western Red E-Juice. Vapers finally get to enjoy full blasts of rich, bold tobacco flavour-infused vapour clouds with none of the tobacco, tar, arsenic, or ash that are characteristic of the cigarettes. This e-juice is a big bonanza for heavy smokers trying to quit smoking.

The high calibre e-juice produces tons of dense vapour clouds that are delicious on the palate, smell refreshingly original, and have a smooth finish. The satisfying robust Virginia tobacco flavour produces a perceptible throat hit that is as good as, if not better than, than traditional cigarettes. Naturally, this classic e-juice is a massive hit among ex-smokers who have recently quit smoking. The Western Red E-Juice vapours provide a vaping experience that is far better than smoking itself, thus making it easier for even the heaviest of smokers to quit their habit. The EasyPuff™ Western Red E-Juice is an everyday e-juice for anyone who has recently switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.


Nicotine levels.

  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg


50% VG - 50% PG

Package Contents

1 x 30ml Western Red

Please Note: In some circumstances, we sell 0mg nicotine and then add nicotine to your juice at the time of sale. This allows us to provide you with customised nicotine levels, such as 1.5mg etc. In addition, we also find that 0mg juice that sits on the shelf prior to nicotine being added lasts longer and is fresher. So please do not be alarmed if your bottle says 0mg or the seal is broken upon arrival. If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us.

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