Efest's Battery Man 26650 Case is a rugged, durable carrying case specifically designed for safe and convenient storage and transportation of 26650 batteries (sold separately). The Battery Man supports a maximum of two 26650 cells, and features a clasp lock design for secure carry, a smoked finish for visibility, and a highly crush resistant design.


  • Purpose Built for Rugged, Durable Use
    • High-Quality Materials
    • Highly Crush Resistant Design
    • Two 26650 Maximum Capacity
  • Clasp Lock Design
    • Battery Supports
      • Secures Batteries
  • Specifically for 26650 Batteries
    • All Batteries Sold Separately

Package Contents

1x Efest 26650 Batteryman Battery Case (Double)

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Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 09-04-2024


Nice sturdy case and the grey colouring is good for privacy not that battery's need it but it's good not to see a clear case for once

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