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With the summer time very quickly approaching, you're going to need some refreshing juices in your collection that will help you to get through those sweltering days without breaking a sweat. We all know the stress that comes from those warmer months where everyone feels just a little bit more cranky and easily agitated because of the humid, uncomfortable feeling in the atmosphere. This  rings true even more when the air conditioning is out of service, which seems to always conveniently happen on the most scorching days of the entire summer. So forget about all of those heavy, cumbersome, rich blends that you usually fill your mod up with throughout the winter and switch things up a little bit with this pure, light, cooling blend that is going to have you feeling just as laid back and chill as can be. This is a really unique and wonderful combination of fruit flavors that is different from a lot of the usual fruit based juices that are out there. This could really end up being one of those new staples that you are going to want to have around all of the time. IVG E Liquid develops very interesting, nuanced blends that are going to offer a creativity and quality that will allow you to make the very most of every vaping session. The producers on their team have an evident passion an skill for their craft that you just can't help but respect and feel compelled to try. Blue Raspberry blends together plump, juicy blueberries with slightly tart, fresh raspberries and a hint of menthol that amplifies the taste so much more.



  • Size: 60ml
  • Flavour profile: Mixed Berries, Sweets
  • PG30/VG70
  • Made in the UK

Package Contents

1 x Blue Raspberry Lollipop 60ml

Please Note: Please be aware that, as a result of recent regulatory updates in New Zealand, the name & packaging of this product may undergo alterations or will be subject to modification. Click here for more information.

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