A sticky sweet and gorgeous lemonade ice spritzer, the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer.




  • Size - 120ml
  • VG - 70
  • PG - 30

Package Contents

  • 1 x IVG Team 120 - Fantasy Lemon - 120ml

Please Note: Please be aware that, as a result of recent regulatory updates in New Zealand, the name & packaging of this product may undergo alterations or will be subject to modification. Click here for more information.

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Written By: DONT BOTHER!
Posted: 24-07-2023

"Smells great but NO TASTE OTHER THAN BURNT"

Honestly I have tried alot of lemonade flavours mostly from shosha and thought I would give this a shot. BIG MISTAKE. Smells great but tastes revolting, litterly like a burnt coil with no taste of anything other than that. NEVER PURCHASING AGAIN

The Vape Shed Team - 9 months ago

Make sure when you try new juices, that you use a brand-new coil. If you mix flavours with the same coil, you will tend to get an unpleasant flavour and the coil will tend to gunk up very quickly. Of course, when using a new coil, you need to make sure that you have applied a few drops to the coil and let it sit for a few minutes so that the coil is properly hydrated. IVG 120 generally speaking have a very good reputation.

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