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Unicorn Frappe takes everyone’s favorite, trending, coffee-shop flavor and bottles it up in the form of a creamy blend of eJuice! Unicorn Frappe is a sour blue-raspberry vape completed with notes of mango and whipped cream. The inhale delivers a slight tart taste of the blue raspberry cotton candy with supporting undertone of the mango. The exhale pronounces the mango taste with a cloud of whipped cream during the finish.



  • Size - 100ml
  • VG - 70
  • PG - 30

Package Contents

  • 1 x Juice Man - Unicorn Frappe On Ice 100ml
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Product Reviews -
"Sick Flavour"

This is one of the flavor i tried which it's really nice. I can taste combination flavor in there which it isn't too bad.

- Ryan

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