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One minute it’s sharp. The next, sweet. Your taste buds are in for a treat with this mouthwatering raspberry vape juice that has a wicked twist when you’re least expecting. Premium quality e-liquid.




  • Size - 60ml
  • VG - 70
  • PG - 30

Package Contents

  • 1 x Just Juice - Blue Raspberry 60ml

Please Note: Please be aware that, as a result of recent regulatory updates in New Zealand, the name & packaging of this product may undergo alterations or will be subject to modification. Click here for more information.

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Product Reviews -
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Written By: Poppy
Posted: 25-03-2021


Tastes exactly how it sounds - I like sweet, but not too sweet. Perfect!

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Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 22-10-2022


This is definitely the best flavour ive found in years, full on flavour that lasts and keeps me coming back

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Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 07-11-2022

"Using raspberry very loosely"

This one is a bit of a hit and miss for me, it didn't have a very sweet flavour and it didn't have any staying power, you taste the flavour when you're inhaling but then it is just gone.

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Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 11-04-2023

"Great taste"

Great flavour , very smooth , taste authentic, would recommend to all buying this.

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Written By: Nick
Posted: 07-08-2022


One of my all time faves. It also keeps my coils okay for longer than most other juices.

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Written By: Shakayla
Posted: 18-12-2017

"Good "

Has a good flavour to it , need to try in different setting to get a hood taste in you’re mouth

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Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 30-11-2022


Of all the flavored liquids out there, this is by far the best. I have 2 favorites, this is one of them.

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