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KP Premade Kanthal A-1 Staple Coils

Specified resistances are for dual coil sets utilizing both coils in the pair. A single coil set up would have double the specified resistance. Coil resistance is estimated, variances are usually + or - .05ohms.

The first innovation after the widespread use of claptons and fused claptons, a staple coil is made by stacking our ribbon wire then claptoning around the stack. This creates a thick sturdy coil with tons of flavor.

These are made by our in-house build masters. Each coil is inspected for mis-wraps or large gaps. We use only Sandvik supplied Kanthal A-1, no China wire here.

You will receive 2 coils total. Packaged in a pair.

No Warranty. No Returns. 


  • 3mm Inner Diameter
  • Staple .4/40 .25ohms 3mm-ID 6-Wrap #84

Package Contents

  • 2x KP Premade KA-1 Staple and Framed Staple Coils (Staple .4/40 .25ohms 3mm-ID 6-Wrap #84)
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