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KP Premade N80 Alien Coils & Advanced Aliens- Pair

3mm Inner Diameter

Specified resistances are for dual coil sets utilizing both coils in the pair. A single coil set up would have double the specified resistance. Coil resistance is estimated, variances are usually + or - .05ohms.

The infamous ALIEN coil! This specialty wire is out of this.. world! Utilizing 3 core wires, these coils will be sure to take your taste buds on a trip around the galaxy! Alien coils are known for their amazing wicking properties, pulling juice from the wicks to the coils at the speed of light.

These are made to order, by our in-house build masters. Each coil is inspected for mis-wraps or large gaps. We use only Sandvik supplied Nichrome 80, no China wire here. 

You will receive 2 coils total. Packaged in a pair. When selecting what variation you want to order, the first number refers to the core gauge, the second refers to the outer wire, so 24/36 is 24g core with 36g wrapped on the outside.

No Warranty. No Returns.


  • 3mm Inner Diameter
  • .3x.3/38 .2ohms 3mm-ID 6-Wrap #4

Package Contents

2x KP Premade N80 Aliens & Advanced Aliens Coils (Mohawk Alien 28/36 .2ohms 3mm-ID 6-Wrap)

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