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Tracking numbers are emailed & "TXT" messaged to you upon being packaged, and deemed ready for collection by the courier.


e.g. E20-12345678

NZ Couriers

Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I track my parcel?
When you get your tracking number through Email/TXT, you can scan it on the NZ Couriers website, your tracking number will look like "E20-12345678".

- What is the Product Code or Ticket Number on NZ Couriers website?
The "E20" part is the Product Code, the "12345678" is the Ticket Number.

- The NZ Couriers tracking website says that there is "No Information"
This means we have packaged and got your order ready, but it has not been picked up from our store by the courier yet, check back later.

- How long will delivery take?
We use NZ Couriers fastest overnight delivery service. This usually means you get it the following day, though, some parts of the country may be 2 days.

- I'm worried my order might have been lost or incorrectly delivered
Call NZ Couriers on 0800 800 841 and they will be able to investigate the location of your order.

- I have a question about my order, who do I call?
Call Anthony at our Hamilton East store on 07 8592199,  don't forget to have your order number handy.

We use New Zealand Couriers for all our parcel deliveries within NZ. 

Click to be redirected to their Tracking Page.

Click to be redirected to their Tracking Page.