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Gamer Sauce Juice is made in New Zealand by The Vape Shed.

Bubble Trouble
Sweet Strawberry & Banana Bubblegum

Game Over
Double Shot, White Chocolate & Caramel Mocha

Golden Banana
Freshly Sliced Banana Nut Bread with Butter

High Score
Creamy Vanilla Custard with Sweet Strawberries

Level Up
Creamy Vanilla Cupcake with Sweet Buttercream Icing

Sweet Blue Raspberry & Ripe Juice Peaches

Taste Invader
Sweet & Tangy Lemon Meringue Pie with Whipped Cream

Virtual Reality
Sugar Coated Sour Watermelon Candy

Creamy Vanilla Custard Topped with Fresh Juicy Peaches


  • VG - 75
  • PG - 25

Package Contents

  • 1 x 100ml Gamer Sauce Bottle
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Product Reviews -
"XP, a little peppery."

A bit too peppery, I'm going to try steeping the juice to see if it helps.

- Josh B

"Absolutely beaut"

If you like peaches, you will love this. Big peachy flavour through the whole draw, with subtle creamy custard flavour on the exhale. Works well at all wattages, nice clouds. A great vape, a favourite. Highly recommended.

- Rob

"Bubble Trouble"

Just brought this in store today, it's tastes amazing!! This is my first time trying this range and it's off to a great start. Nice strawberry flavour with a hint of banana.

- Caseface

"the best"

game over is game over for the other juices that compete with it. beautiful blend really good vape. 10/10 would vape again

- dodgy dave


Easy on the hit with that refreshing yet sweet draw. Definitely will be packing more of this!


"New fave "

Brought XP a few days ago and absolutely love it !! Def will be a regular from now on.

- Chels


Asoultely love all flavours magic is my number one nice and sweet

- KandyLuva

"Taste invader "

Beautiful juice nice flavours in there just the only problem is it chews through coils but if your okay will cleaning then don't miss out on the awsome juice guys

- Sr_cloudz

"Bubble trouble "

Just finishing off the last drops of it now and I already miss it it's almost like (the Vape sheds) star burst i found but, sweeter and a little twist of legit bubble gum unlike other bubble gums it's not menthol 'thank god' try it you shouldn't be disappointed

- Sr_cloudz

"Would Recommend"

I often struggle to find e-liquid that I actually like to vape while searching high and low to find something that I can rely on to vape everyday.
High Score 3mg, Game Over 2mg, Magic 1.5mg, XP 2mg (as well as Venom- Cereal Vapist 2mg)
are currently my favorite juices in New Zealand to date. Don't be fooled by fancy lables its by far they are staple liquids you should have in your rotation IMO... so go get coz its pretty f'n good

- IG el_chapo_nz

"High Score"

Just bought this flavour its really smooth really loving the creamy strawberry with vanilla custard highly recommend if you like strawberries. I give this a high score.

- Ryan

"#LoveIt "

Magic is my favorite juice!
Hands down, it tastes Devine. I'm not down with the custard bases and love the fruity flavors. This certainly is that! Fruity and sweet but not sweet that its disgusting.

- Vanz

"its lits"

tasty invader is amazing, def recomend

- breathaa


I got magic and virtual reality and they are so good!!

- Tish

"Label them properly"

I love this juice, cheap and delicious. My complain: they took them away in the airport check because it is wasn't labeled that the bottles are 100ml. Bummer!

- Marcos

"bubble trouble and high score"

love these juices there a great affordable price and great flavor favourites deffinatly high score and bubble trouble. highly recommend

- David

"Sweet as"

Good juice

- Noodels

"Vape Juice"

Recently purchased Virtual Reality and I'm absolutely in love with it, now my partners purchased it, he enjoyed it too. Next purchase will be Magic.

- Babyjae

"Love it level up"

Love this stuff so good!! Only problem is on my mtl device it clogs the coils so they only last a few days. Other then that amazing!!

- Demi


Wicked juice! Loving the flavour, mint customer service too. Overall best place to come for my vape juice and supplies.

- Janina

"Virtual Reality - Best taste"

Smooth and sweet taste.....definitely one of my favorites now!

- LzeMay

"Great for a starter"

I was introduced to gamer sauce as my first juice. I still purchase GS from time to time to keep stocks up. My Favourite would have to be "Golden Banana" If I was to compare it to anything it would be a banana flavoured fruit burst.


"Way to peppery no fruit taste"

I bought bubble trouble and magic both 12mg nic both bottles are way too peppery with no taste of fruit at all which was disappointing after reading the good reviews..

- Chrissy


What flavor ??? Bought Magic, no flavor at all, just harsh throat hits. Can't believe these reviews

- Chez

"Reviews are lies."

I got Taste Invader, how anyone is rating these i don't know. I usually go with Yogi because it has decent flavour, thought i would branch out and now I know why it's better to pay a little more. This is peppery, no flavour that is described, and an absolute waste of money. Try it yourself, but you've been warned.

- Hallam

"Definitely Recommend"

Really nice to Vape great value for money thanks Vape shed

- Adrian Fiucane

"Great value!"

Bubble trouble!! Nice favor. Not sweet. Kinda like sweeter. Still a wicked juice especially for the price. Ill keep it as a backup.

- Dave


Nice juice great for the big clouds tasty as haven't had the peppery burnt coil taste as others have had (maybe they need to change their coils more regularly) just purchased game over really looking forward to trying it sounds yummo!

- Dion

Customer Questions & Answers -
Anymore bubble trouble ?

Asked By: InsaneCRAZE on Thursday 11 March, 2021

Bubble Trouble is in stock and readily available online and at any of our stores.

Answered By: The Vape Shed Team on Thursday 11 March, 2021

Product Added To Cart