Our Premium juices are manufactured here in New Zealand at The Vape Shed and are custom blended to your nicotine preference. Our juices have been crafted to satisfy even the most avid of vapest. Available in many different sizes, nicotine-levels and VG/PG levels. Generally considered low in added sweetener for better coil longevity.

Available in 15 Flavours:

  • Banana Cream: Ripe Banana with whipped cream and white chocolate.
  • Blueberry Raspberry: A very sweet vluebrry % succulent raspberry mix
  • Blueberry Menthol: Fresh sweet blueberries with a fresh menthol kick.
  • Berry Sweet: A sweet and delicious mix of smashed berries.
  • Coconut Cream: A rich and velvety coconut cream with milky undernotes.
  • Energy Drink: A sweet and refreshing sparkling energy drink.
  • Sweet Grape: Sweet & Juice bubble berry grape.
  • Orange Mango: Sweet and tangy orange and mango cordial.
  • Sour Apple: A tangy-sweet apple sensation that brings back memories of tangy apple lollies.
  • Peach Berry: A sweet fruity cocktail of mixed taffy candy.
  • Strawberry Cream: Sweet and creamy strawberry cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries.
  • Vanilla Tobacco: Smooth medium tobacco with notes of bourbon.
  • Butterscotch Cream: Creamy Vanilla Ice cream topped with gooey butterscotch caramel.
  • Vanilla Custard: Authentic rich & creamy vanilla bean custard.
  • Lime Cream:  Sweet refreshing lime meringue cheesecake.

Due to Vaping Regulations in NZ, Our product names have been changed, Here is what they are called now!  (Don't Worry, The flavour has not changed!)

Previously Known as Now Named
Banana Split Banana Cream
Berrylicious Berry Sweet
Blueberry Menthol n/a
Blue Raspberry Blueberry Raspberry
Coconut Cream n/a
Energy Drink n/a
Grape Soda Sweet Grape
Orange & Mango Orange Mango
Sour Apple n/a
Starburst Peach Berry
Strawberry Cheese cake Strawberry Cream
Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco Vanilla Tobacco
Vanilla Butterscotch Ice Cream Butterscotch Cream
Vanilla Custard n/a
Winner Lime Lime Cream

We are always researching, steeping, and testing new flavors. So watch out for new flavors appearing online. If you come into our store, you may get a chance to trial some of our latest juices free of charge, your feedback is what helps us produce juice that suits you and your taste buds!


Please Note: In some circumstances, we sell 0mg nicotine and then add nicotine to your juice at the time of sale. This allows us to provide you with customised nicotine levels, such as 1.5mg etc. In addition, we also find that 0mg juice that sits on the shelf prior to nicotine being added lasts longer and is fresher. So please do not be alarmed if your bottle says 0mg or the seal is broken upon arrival. If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us.


  • About 70% VG / 30% PG
  • New Zealand Made
  • Chubby Gorilla Bottle

Package Contents

1x Bottle of Vape Shed Premium High VG Juice

Please Note: Please be aware that, as a result of recent regulatory updates in New Zealand, the name & packaging of this product may undergo alterations or will be subject to modification. Click here for more information.

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Product Reviews -
(3) (0)

Written By: Marie
Posted: 25-10-2023

"Coconut Cream ~ Tastes as delicious as it smells"

Had a smell of this on the shop out of curiosity, yum. Took a bottle home, absolutely delicious, think I have found another favourite to add to Gamer Sauce. Will order again and a bigger bottle next time. Creamy coconut flavour, sweet but not too sweet, just the right balance of Pg/Vg for me as well. Cheers Vape Shed 👍😊💨

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 03-07-2023


Smooth, tasty and easy to fill. Strawberry Cheese Cake is the best flavour by far. A+

(2) (0)

Written By: laho
Posted: 05-07-2017

"Winner! lime"

taste just like a lime milkshake from the dairy, personally I wouldn't vape very day, but it's good to have when I need to mix it up.

(2) (0)

Written By: Nazzz
Posted: 19-03-2021

"STRAWBERRY Cheesecake"

Yummmm is I can say... Got 6mg and 12 mg and loving both... Flavour and smell tastes exactly what a strawberry cheesecake should... This will be my regular until I find another flavour I fall in love with ❤️

(2) (0)

Written By: Yours truly
Posted: 10-03-2022

"Winner lime!"

Definitely must try it if you haven’t already. Bought this for the first time yesterday and omg no regrets! Taste like a lime milkshake but better!

(2) (0)

Written By: KJL
Posted: 15-07-2017

"Winner Lime"

Taste is awesome.Could vape all day,but I think a shot of menthol would seal the deal for me

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 17-07-2017

"Banana spilt"

If you like bananas buy this I love it pretty much only flavor I buy lol

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 04-08-2023

"Banana Split"

Good flavour juice, tastes of creamy banana. Starts to get lighter in the flavour after a wee bit compared to other flavours but not too sweet for me to be a ADV in between other juices :)

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 18-07-2017

"Blueberry menthol "

Pretty good nice blue berry taste with refreshing menthol mixed in good for when you want and cool refreshing taste

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 06-08-2023

"Great liquid"

Good size and great taste, easy to refill device. not harsh on the coils

(2) (0)

Written By: fairfield fella
Posted: 21-07-2017

"Tropical sundae"

So its a nice creamy vape think clouds man sweat peachy/ alittle hint of grape and some other fruits hard to make out a hint of ice cream to top it off

(2) (0)

Written By: fairfield fella
Posted: 22-07-2017

"Vanilla butterscotch icecream "

sweat icecream flavour with i nice vanilla hint with a butterscotch coating, great vape smooth creamy i prefer it over the butter scotch

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 26-07-2017

"Pineapple Lumpz"

Oh mate don't get me started on this, new Zealand classic man great taste very sugary and instant pineapple chocolate hit... Its just as good as the real thing, you need this as your refreshing vape at breaks and after work even in the morning with your coffee or tea, who doesn't enjoy pineapple lumpz, try it.... Your missing out

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 27-07-2017

"Fruit Loop"

One of my all time favorite cereals, this is a very creamy version with a high resemblance at 98% exact taste of froot loops the only thing it misses is the cold dark blue top milk either than that its amazing, get in froot loop lovers

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 29-07-2017

"Apple berry pie "

This is a great liquid guys good on you very rich and creamy I enjoyed vaping this well I had it high up there guy try this well you can!!

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 08-04-2024


Worth the purchase I'd rather buy bulk if I can afford it but other than that I'm really happy with the purchase

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 31-07-2017

"Vanilla Butterscotch icecream"

One of the best guys this is so smooth and creamy I loved every bit of it every cut open the bottle and grabbed the little bottle syringe to get every last drop seriously don't miss out and grab a bottle

(2) (0)

Written By: Archeria
Posted: 05-08-2017

"Winner Lime is a WINNER!"

Wow what can I say about this that hasn't already been said... My normal liquid was out of stock so It was suggested to me to try this by the lady at the Papakura shop. I am sure glad that I did -- Oh my god it is so YUMMY! -- It's like key lime cheesecake! I will DEFINITELY be back for more of this! it quite easily could be my #1 very soon. Have to give it a few more days of a trial run :)

(2) (0)

Written By: fairfield fella
Posted: 07-08-2017

"winner lime "

interesting very interesting... nice smooth taste with the smallest zing from the lime mixed with a milk shack taste mixing with banana split was the good stuff but alone its great fills the needed craving i love it just not an everyday vape a once in awhile for me but still good job guys ..... bring out a mango please

(2) (0)

Written By: Shaun
Posted: 09-08-2017

"Vanilla butterscotch icecream"

AMAZING! Well done guys.

(2) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 10-08-2017

"Sour apple"

This has grown on me its been a day and omg the flavor I was so sceptical of buy a new flavor after having a favorite (banana split) but this just maybe the one, the sweet but not to sweet Apple taste reminds you of the little TNT apple lollies as a kid I recommend highly. Good on you vape shed

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 23-01-2023

"Maple Syrup 🍁"

I'm getting very strong maple syrup pancake vibes. And I love it!

(2) (0)

Written By: Vaper
Posted: 14-08-2017

"Sour Apple"

Altough I rather enjoyed this flavour I have found that it ruins coils veryyyyy quickly. I went through four coils in one week with this juice but I can usually get around 2 weeks per coil!!

(2) (0)

Written By: Ben
Posted: 03-09-2017

"Winning price and Flavor! vanilla butterscotch ice cream"

Haven't got tired of this one yet after 240mls... my go to juice, still getting great flavor and at these prices glad I found it here at Vapeshed

(2) (0)

Written By: Roshan Thomas
Posted: 12-09-2017

"Strawberry Cheese Cake"

Those who know me will say I share without hesitation, yes, I do as I believe in karma but when it comes to strawberry cheese cake well I am not such a good guy, I am selfish. Its the juice that helped me in the quitting phase and what I first vaped on an official proper vaping device it brings too much nostalgia back to the day 1 love it... hope u guys never stop this juice.

One word review of Vape Shed Juices Sweetness without Calories !

(2) (0)

Written By: Frankton Bruv
Posted: 27-09-2017

"Vanilla burboun tobacco "

The absolute best juice out, has cut me right back from a 50g every 4 days to a 50g every month, will not change juice no matter what gets said!!! Literally tastes every flavour in this juice!! Super Superamazeballs!!

(2) (0)

Written By: Drica
Posted: 01-10-2017

"Coconut Cream"

Nice and smooth,
Not overly sweet and I enjoy having it after vaping the very sweet ones. It smells really nice too, not harsh on the coils either.

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 17-10-2023

"Good flavour"

I purchased this juice the flavour was great however i probably will get a stronger mg next time it is still a 5 star product

(2) (0)

Written By: Marie
Posted: 26-10-2023

"Coconut Cream ~ Tastes exactly like it smells, delicious 😋"

(Sorry, thought I had already posted a review but must have not submitted d’oh) Out of curiosity, gave this the smell test when in store, yummy, have found a new favourite alongside my normal Gamer Sauces 😊 Creamy coconut, pg/vg mix just right for me, delicious and will definitely be ordering more and a bigger bottle next time. Always excellent service, juice and pricing, and fast delivery, thanks heaps Vape Shed, you guys are now my go-to for juice 💨👍🥰

(2) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 05-12-2023


This juice is tasty and not overpowering. I’ve had great success mixing it with Nic salt juices

(2) (0)

Written By: Naomi wise
Posted: 04-02-2018

"Need more. Its really good "

Buying as a birthday present for my mate and his gf

(2) (1)

Written By: Caseface
Posted: 08-07-2017


Have tried every one except Bourbon Butterscotch Tobacco, Apple Berry Pie and Banana Split. But they are on my list.
Each one tastes exactly as described. Not strong flavours but very mellow. And not too sweet like alot of other ejuices i have had. But enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. My favorites would totally be Not Orange and Tropical Sundae. Great prices. And the bundles are a steal!

(1) (0)

Written By: Mistah.Relic
Posted: 20-07-2017


Nice and sweet, also cool with that icecream feel. Definitely a fave!

(1) (0)

Written By: breeze
Posted: 24-07-2017

"vanilla custard"

Really nice and tastes great! everyone around always says it smells great when i vape and even when they taste it they say its great!

(1) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 05-12-2022

"Vanilla Custard and Vanilla Butterscotch Ice-cream"

Enjoyed both of these flavours, good all-day vapes, 1.5mg freebase subohm tank. Thanks for great customer service and fast delivery 😊

(1) (1)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 13-07-2017

"Energy drink flavor"

Its nice tastes more of a mellow sour grape than energy but still alright

(0) (0)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 28-07-2017

"Strawberry Cheesecake"

The first time in 2-3 months I've had this again when I first bought my mods it was the very first liquid I was hocked on I was vaping this every single week till I swapped it to the banana split, this ejuice unfortunately its not unfortunate its one of the best I'd say its my favorite vapeshed flavor with its hint of strawberry on top of its succulent creamy think cheese cake its the slickest liquid you can get first hit and it's omg man think as hits on this with the creamy flavor not to sugary and okay I better stop haha buy it honestly !!

(0) (0)

Written By: HH
Posted: 16-04-2024

"Smooth puffy clouds"

I prefer a higher VG content so this works well for me although it's not quite sweet enough. The Banana split flavor is pretty good tho.

(0) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 13-06-2024

"Sour Apple - 0mg"

A very nice juice, the apple flavour is akin to something in a confectionery or Mother tart apple flavour. Nicely done!

(0) (0)

Written By: Anonymous
Posted: 01-05-2023

"Better then most"

The standard vape shed juice has more flavour then most kiwi brands so is a good starting base to work up to stronger flavours that u will love

(0) (0)

Written By: Shawn
Posted: 27-11-2020

"Good for the price"

Tried the gape soda and banana split, might be my taste buds at the moment but personally think the flavours are a bit too subtle, can be a good thing if you've been vaping overly sweet juices though. 3 out of 5 for flavor, but for the price definitely worth grabbing!

(0) (2)

Written By: Yuka
Posted: 30-03-2022

"Doesn’t taste like it should."

Have tried the Banana Split and Strawberry Cheesecake as I’m a fan of dessert. Does not taste anything like it. Flavour is minimal.

(0) (2)

Written By: Fairfield fella
Posted: 30-07-2017

"Vanilla Butterscotch"

Sorry guys this is the only liquid that tasted very weird and unusual as I got into it it started to get better but I doubt I will buy again unless the recipe is changed that is yes I could have had a bad bottle but hey could just be me you guys do make some great e juice proud of you guys just this may need a change or I need to try again to justify my review ill see some time haha

Customer Questions & Answers -
How do I order liquid off ur website

Asked By: Steve on Monday 30 August, 2021


Just select the flavour you would like, followed by the nicotine strength and size bottle - Add to cart and head on through the payment options :)

Answered By: The Vape Shed Team on Friday 03 September, 2021

Hay das the Grape soda have a really good Grape hit to it

Asked By: Norton on Tuesday 16 November, 2021


One of our most popular House flavour profiles :)

Answered By: The Vape Shed Team on Thursday 18 November, 2021

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