How The Vape Shed Combats Underage Sales

At The Vape Shed, our journey began in 2015 in a humble garage shed, fueled by the desire to offer top-notch electronic cigarettes and vape equipment to our community. Today, we stand proud with fifteen brick-and-mortar stores across New Zealand, committed to providing the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our Mission: Your Success in a Healthier Lifestyle

Our mission at The Vape Shed goes beyond being a retailer. We are here to help, educate, and ensure that every customer leaves our doors equipped with the right knowledge and equipment for a successful transition to vaping. Our team comprises highly trained and passionate staff, dedicated to prioritizing your needs and long-term satisfaction over short-term gains.

Responsible Vending: A Commitment to Community Well-being

As responsible vendors, we understand the importance of preventing youth vaping and ensuring the safety of our products. Our in-store measures are designed to create a secure environment for adult customers while deterring underage access. We take pride in our consistent efforts to combat youth vaping and contribute to a healthier society.

In-Store Measures to Prevent Underage Access:
  • Strict Age Verification: Our staff rigorously enforces age verification protocols, ensuring that only individuals of legal age have access to our products.
  • Education Initiatives: We actively engage with our communities, spreading awareness about the potential risks of underage vaping and the importance of responsible consumption.
  • Visible Signage: Clear and prominent signage throughout our stores reinforces our commitment to preventing underage sales, serving as a constant reminder for both customers and staff.
Online Measures and Vigilance: Harnessing Technology for Responsible E-commerce

In addition to our in-store efforts, The Vape Shed has invested significantly in cutting-edge software to prevent underage sales online. We recognize the evolving nature of e-commerce and the need for robust measures to safeguard against unauthorized access.

  • Age Verification Systems: Our online platform is equipped with advanced age verification systems, ensuring that only customers of legal age can make purchases.
  • Identity Authentication: Rigorous identity authentication processes are in place to add an extra layer of security and prevent the use of fake credentials.
  • Transaction Monitoring: We employ sophisticated transaction monitoring tools to flag and investigate any suspicious activities, ensuring a swift response to potential underage sales.
Statistical Impact

Our dedication to responsible vending is reflected in our monthly statistics. On average, we prevent approximately 100 proven underage sales each month, showcasing the effectiveness of our in-store and online preventive measures.

At The Vape Shed, we are not just a retailer; we are your partners in promoting a healthier lifestyle. Join us on this journey, where responsible vending and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. Your well-being is our priority, and together, we can build a community committed to making informed choices and embracing a smoke-free future.

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