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Who says you have to go to the movies to enjoy movie theater popcorn? Our obsession with just the right popcorn to butter ratio lead us to create ‘I Love Popcorn’. Nevermind checking out a movie for the popcorn you can enjoy your perfectly popped kernels with our award winning vape juice. This buttery vape will hit you with it’s smooth yet salty flavor profile. Go ahead pop a movie in, dim the lights, and enjoy your personal at home movie theater popcorn experience.


  • 60ml

Package Contents

1x Mad Hatter - I Love Popcorn 60ml

Please Note: Please be aware that, as a result of recent regulatory updates in New Zealand, the name & packaging of this product may undergo alterations or will be subject to modification. Click here for more information.

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Customer Questions & Answers -
Do you still even sell this product?... Why is it never in stock? Shouldn't it be removed?

Asked By: Ekara on Tuesday 14 September, 2021


Hey there,

Sometimes we leave a product on our website so that we can gauge interest - If there is enough interest in a product ie. adding your email to be notified - we then order it in for everyone.

This is a great flavour you couls try instead - It has similar notes to Popcorn Click Here

Answered By: The Vape Shed Team on Wednesday 15 September, 2021

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